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UCF formulated products

Who we are?

UCF-BD is the first Pharmaceutical formulation company in Bangladesh. Our main vision is to support SME cosmetics companies, Students who want to develop their cosmetics formulation and production knowledge, Pharmacists & chemists who are working on different cosmetics companies. We co-operate to build Chemical cosmetics plant/green cosmetics plant, cosmetics production support, affiliate Pharmacist & Chemist to SME organizations. We have 200+ ready formulated products and working to develop on many organic products. We also sell our formulated cosmetics products in our beauty shop page. Please select your membership plan as per your need


Moisturizing body lotionBeauty powderLaundry soap
All season body lotionUptan ( for female )Hand sanitizer
Sun screen body lotionUptan ( for male )Shaving foam
Anti-dandruff shampooSynthetic MehediTooth Paste
Synthetic ShampooHair styling soft gelTooth powder
Body Wash / Shower gelHair removal creamToilet cleaner
Fairness creamHair removal body creamFloor cleaner
Whitening creamHair removal gelGlass cleaner
Spot out creamAmla Hair oilTiles cleaner
Sun screening creamHerbal Hair OilKitchen cleaner
Personal Part whitening cream ( female )Cool Hair oilDish wash liquid
Neem face washHair treatment gel /oilDish wash Bar
Aloe Vera face washHair color powderToilet soap
Acne control face washHair color creameAnti-bacterial soap
Whitening face wash (female )Hair color shampooWhitening soap
Men’s face washBreast cream (+/-) and lotionHand wash soap base
Bleach creamStretch mark creamHand wash synthetic
Petroleum jellyAfter shave gelHand wash Antibacterial
Non sticky GlycerineShaving creamShoe polish
Prickly heat powderAfter shave lotion
Detergent powderLiquid detergent

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